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Facilitating Innovative Strategies

Achieving Lasting Impact



Wellstone offers facilitation, community and stakeholder engagement, adaptive strategic planning, and management of collaborative processes. We specialize in social, environmental, and natural resource projects. We have innovative techniques and a deep toolkit to meet your unique needs.




Wellstone has a number of resources and information available for those looking to make an impact with their approaches. 



Wellstone's principal, Jacob Bornstein, has a 22 year track record in facilitation and strategy design, ranging in fields from health to the environment. View client testimonials. 



Wellstone, a translation of Bornstein, refers to the boring stones used to dig wells. So often we have to dig deep to find solutions and approaches that will truly make a lasting impact. We believe that to do that, stakeholders need to work together to determine solutions. Here at Wellstone Collaborative Strategies, we support our clients in doing just that.



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