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Volunteers Packing Food
Engaging Communities Authentically

This innovation shares some key lessons learned when considering engaging a community authentically. Coming soon!

Brand Strategy
Strategies that are up to the Challenge

This innovation will describe approaches and tools  to strategy development that meet different types of challenging environments. Coming soon!

Nine Elements of Sustainability 

The Civic Consulting Network, of which Wellstone Collaborative Strategies is a member, developed a new sustainability framework. We reviewed several existing frameworks, and brought to bear our own experience in developing it. The nine elements include financial sustainability, structuring for success, vision and strategic priorities, effective implementation, strategic partnerships, community support,  marketing and communications, policy alignment, and assessment. The framework was developed in support of a project the Network has with Colorado's Office of Behavioral Health. Jacob Bornstein is co-lead on that project and led the development of the framework in partnership with Jack Becker, Amy Engelman, Heather Matthews, Kathleen McInnis, Kelli Pfaff, Logan Steppan, Beckah Terlouw, and Katie Wall.  The one page summary is available here. The full version is available upon request. 

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